Instruments & Equipment

MAZ Musikproduktion


KS Digital ADM 22 Monitors, IK Multimedia iloud MTM + Canton Subwoofer (if nessesary), Aiwa 90th Ghetto Blaster, Bose Bluetooth- Speaker


Kawai Novus 10 , the best Hybrid Piano you can get, even better than some real ones! very inspiring instrument! Kawai MP11SE my beloved Live Piano, Fender Rhodes Piano, Hammond M3 Organ with Leslie 122, Roland JDXA Analog + Digital Synth, Moog Slim Phatty Synth Module, Kawai MP7 Piano, Behringer 2600 Analog Synth


AKG „The Tube“ Vocal Microphone, 2 x Oktava MK 012 Condenser Mics, 2 x Shure SM7B Dynamic Mics, Condenser Mics, 2 x ISK RSM Ribbon Mics, Shure SM 57 Mic, 2 x CAD Equitec E100 Condenser Mics, CAD Equitec E300 Mic


2 x UAD LA-610MK II, 2 x Joemeek VC 1 Studiochannel, Golden Age Premier PREQ-73 Preamp and EQ, Heritage Audio Successor Bus & Mastering Compressor, BSS DPR 402 Compressor / Desser, SSL UCF 8 & UC1 DAW Controler


everything you need for a nowadays Musicproduction! including Vienna Instruments and East West Libraries