Instruments & Equipment

MAZ Musikproduktion


KS Digital ADM 2 Monitors, KRK R6 Monitors, Tannoy Reveal Monitors + Canton Subwoofer (if nessesary), Aiwa 90th Ghetto Blaster, Bose Bluetooth- Speaker


Kawai Novus 10 , the best Hybrid Piano you can get, even better than some real ones! very inspiring instrument! Fender Rhodes Piano, Hammond M3 Organ with Leslie 122, Roland JDXA Analog + Digital Synth, Moog Slim Phatty Synth Module, Kawai MP7 & ES8 Piano, Behringer 2600 Analog Synth


AKG „The Tube“ Vocal Microphone, 2 x Oktava MK 012 Condenser Mics, 2 x Shure SM7B Dynamic Mics, Condenser Mics, 2 x ISK RSM Ribbon Mics, Shure SM 57 Mic, 2 x CAD Equitec E100 Condenser Mics


2 x UAD LA-610MK II, 2 x Joemeek VC 1 Studiochannel, GAP EQ 73 GAP EQ 81, BSS DPR 402 Compressor / Dessser, Allen and Heath SQ 5 mainly used as DAW and Monitor Controler


everything you need for a nowadays Musicproduction! including Vienna Instruments and East West Libraries